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As the pace that tech changes and the world moves forward, IoT (Internet of things) has progressed as the technology of the future and not just a short-lived trend. Your business is continuously generating data, growing and needs to keep in pace with the world today. ADS not only make companies understand the benefits of IoT, but also offers our clients the expertise and security that is required to set up, manage, and run an IoT system. 


Our approach and goal is to be your complete source for IoT integration and support. Most companies usually can offer just one or two aspects needed by customers.  Some do procurement well, other do technical service well, still others handle communications well.  At ADS we've integrated these skills-sets into one company with an added of electrical contracting. 


With many year's of hands-on experience, our qualified professionals specialize in networking, planning, design, installation and security of all you IoT needs.

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